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Grown-ups Make Coloring Books Bestselling Crazy
Coloring books are not making the top 10 bestseller list on Amazon because kids are fueling the craze. The hottest coloring books right now are the ones designed for grown-ups, and adults are buying them as their own preferred playtime activity workbook of choice. Neat? You betcha! Now it's time to look for your favorite set of color pencils, color sharpies or just good ole plain crayons to get you started.
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The A To Z Of Dance: Inspiring Everyone to Stay Fit and Look Good
Diesel's JOGG Jeans has an amazing viral vid on You Tube showing us dance lingo alphabetically, each executed in rhythm to a swinging hip hop grab. Fantastic way of showing off their designer jeans and cut-offs. At the same inspiring people to stay fit, even the heavty dancers in the ad look hot.
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