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The A To Z Of Dance: Inspiring Everyone to Stay Fit and Look Good

April 10, 2014 | By: Maetel       Within Reach
The A to Z of Dancing

DIESEL's viral vid reminds us

why we love dance

Everyone goes nuts when they see dancers perform their craft well. Dance is such a holy art of expressing joy in music. Exercise and entertainment too. Guys are impressed by fighting game styled dance moves, and way infatuated by female dance gyrations and graceful twirls and turns the way they should be. Females are attracted by the romance of intimate dance and the girl power pride of being able to match a guy dancing any move and doing it way sexier than him. Kids want to grow up fast and become that bomb of a dancer celebrity doing a devastating hiphop move they've never seen before.

There is a new viral video on You Tube made by DIESEL for JOGG Jeans, with the help of i-D and directed by Jacob Sutton. In the JOGG Jeans video dancers wearing the new jeans and cutoffs, perform a soup of the sexiest dance lingo according to alphabetical order. You'll see what all the kids are mad about:

Aside from being one of the most riveting material for storytelling, dance keeps us fit, both in mind and body, longer and better than most high impact exercises. Dance isn't a chore that you just can't wait to get finish like other exercise regimens. In fact, most who love to dance swear they'd love to live for dancing wherever and whenever. It keep us in good cheer, lets out stress. It is one of the best aerobic exercises for losing weight—we move our muscles, our breathing is better, and we burn off calories while enjoying a routine. The endorphins keep us happier and our knees don't need to give out brutally like when one's exercise regimen is running 5km every day.

Dance, as an aerobic exercise, at moderate intensity for 150 minutes a week reduces one's risk of degenerative health conditions by up to 50 per cent. The New England Journal Of Medicine in 2003, showed that dancing was the only one of 11 physical activities found to reduce the risk of dementia over other activities including swimming, cycling and walking, when done regularly for exercise. The mental effort and social interaction involved in the keeping in form helps reduce the risk of dementia which is why dance rocks better than other exercises.

Looking at the video of JOGG Jeans, you'll remember how floored you were seeing Michael Jackson moonwalk for the first time, thinking something is wrong with gravity, or being awed by breakdancers do impossible gyroscopic moves all over the place in tune to drum & bass.

For kids of this generation, they have amazing KPOP superstars to swoon over, because they are like, both angels and vixens, looking both kawai and dangerousu—no matter how silly their dance moves seem.

Dance keeps us entertained, and your next workout will never be the same once you get the hang of whichever dance you choose to practice. DIESEL just reminds us we why we should swing, and that we can look good doing it.


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