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The Fighting Sweater: The Toughest Gamefowl Brawler that made Champion
Carol Nesmith developed the line now popular as the winningest breed of gamefowl in derbies - the Sweater. Everybody wants their own broodstock for their farm. Practically unbeatable in the pit, these proven champions are now being used as base stock for specialized fighting crosses with the Kelso, Hatch and other fighting bloodlines.
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Bulick (Dom): Matalino, Mabilis, Malaslas
Other nonbelievers say it's a Sweater and Hatch in disguise. Yes, the bloodline has Sweater in it, but the Dominique Gamefowl, locally known as Bulick is a superior fighter on its own. Fast attacking, intelligent at picking off its opponent with perfect timing. A very lethal opponent. The Bulick has its own dedicated set of fans and breeders too. Camouflage has never been this deceiving until you see it in action. The Bulick won the WSC back to back in 2007 and 2008.
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Whitehackle: Aggressive Power
Whitehackle gamefowl make for one of the finest broodstocks for any sabong aficionado, They combine power hitting and unmatched gameness into an awesome pit fighting engine of a rooster. It is also one of the broodstocks used in creating the new Kelso crosses and Sweater crosses that are very popular today.
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