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Why you should Switch your Desktop to Ubuntu Yesterday
Why you should switch your desktop to UBUNTU yesterday. Make your desktop, the sexiest workstation and the most powerful and easy to use without worrying about privacy issues and security online.
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Kubuntu: Eye Candy and Powerful Multimedia Apps that Zip and Fly
Looking for an Ubuntu OS to migrate to? Choose Kubuntu which runs on the KDE environment. KDE is the eye candy desktop user interface packed with its own suite of power apps from graphic design packages to an office software suite. Some may prefer the clean look of Unity, Mate, or GNOME, but for getting people to switch to Open Source OS, show them all the gorgeous free goodies that'll blow them away.
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TAILS: Your Portable Linux OS for Privacy Online
We often take for granted that surfing online at internet cafes can cause irreparable harm if we are not aware of privacy safety and anonymous surfing. When we are mobile and need to use another computer we can install TAILS on a USB thumb drive and use that as our OS when booting up ANY pubicly accessed computer to keep safe when surfing online. We can request for this option and if we are denied, it is better to be safe than sorry and find another PC to access that allows you to boot with TAILS. Know more about TAILS and online privacy and security.
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Ubuntu Ultimate Edition: The Good, The Bad and The Latest! A Review of 3.5 and 4.0
The best part about Ultimate Edition is that you can use a distro from 3 years ago or the latest distro, and it will still run better and look sweeter than the current Windows OS and any paid software. For one of the most complete Ubuntu versions for all your computing needs, you cannot lose with Ultimate Edition.
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Schools Around the World Choose Open Source: LINUX Computing
Nations around the world are instituting a major change in all state learning institutions, moving from paid software licenses to open source free computing via Linux and Ubuntu. Russia and Germany, as well as France are discovering that Linux and Ubuntu and LibreOffice are faring just as well as MS apps and Linux network management is more secure and stable than Windows has ever been. Check out which world learning institutions are going open source via Ubuntu or other Linux distros.
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African Glyph Ruins: Michael Tellinger Proposes Prehistoric Civilization with Advanced Sound Technology
South African Michael Tellinger has a movement called Ubuntu Earth, a return-to-grassroots, anti-capitalist socio-civic political group, that is making people aware of ancient civilization's use of orgone and sound amplifying tech to mine and levitate gold, shape and lift rocks, and even treat ailments of the human body with healing frequencies. Check out the African ruins rediscovered by Michael tellinger dotting the whole southern part of the African continent in a mysterious grid. Are these ruins the relics of a prehistoric advanced race that may have encountered the World Flood as mentioned in the Bible and world cultures?
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