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TAILS: Your Portable Linux OS for Privacy Online

September 22, 2014 | By: Blessing       Tech Buzz
TAILS:  Keep Safe
and Anonymous
Surfing Online

A Portable OS You Can Bring in a
Thumb Drive when Using Public
Access PCs

When we are in dire straits and use public access computers in internet kiosks or local internet cafes, chances are our private information can be stolen if we are not careful.  Internet kiosks and internet cafes are most vulnerable to spyware, malware, viruses, trojan malware, keyloggers and all sorts of nightmares that plague a publicly accessed system that even with the best precautions, is still a risk for you.

If you are using work email or private email, your identity can be stolen and used to commit crimes.  The more reason to keep safe and anonymous so your data can be kept safe when surfing online.

TAILS (the amnesic incognito live system) is a portable Linus OS distro built on Debian that allows privacy and online security as well as anonymous surfing.  Install TAILS off a download into your USB thumbdrive and you are good to go and surf on any computer as long as you configure it to boot the portable Linux OS distro from the USB thumbdrive.

TAILS lets you use the TOR network (a more secure browser using Firefox as its core) to do ALL your online surfing to surf anonymously and avoid censorship.  You can use TAILS to encrypt all of your files as well as all of your online communications.  The Linux distro does not leave any trace of your online surfing unless you configure it explicitly to do so.  No cookies or any snoops allowed.  Keep safe from data theft from hackers and cybercriminals as well as oppressive censor heavy political environments.  Use TAILS whenever you use a public computer whenever possible.


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