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Why a WorkShed Office Is a Great Idea
Don't bother with that extra room in your home as your workspace. Put together a Work Shed Office and have a more prodcutive and creative solo gig. Instead of building an extra bedroom or a sar-sari store kiosk in your home, get yourself a good designer to build a work shed office. It will be the best place you've ever worked in and more!
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Finding What to Wear: Smart Ideas for your Wardrobe
Finding yourself taking two hours or more to match what to wear from your wardrobe? What to know? A young woman doesn't need to worry anymore with some simple ideas that really work because looking good works for everyone. Not just fashion models.
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Clay Pot Cooking Works!
Living off the grid allows for less reliance on modern conveniences and going back to traditional, simpler but still very useful ways of doing things. For cooking, we look at clay pot cooking as a means for making and storing your meals. Your chili curries and kare-kare will never be the same once you've tried cooking with earthenware. Even exotic staples like biryani rice can be made better using bigger clay pots!
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Off the Grid RECIPE SECRETS: Making Your Own Authentic Spanish Sardines
When the supply grid goes offline, where and how do you get your favorite foods? You teach yourself how to make them! Learn how to make authentic Spanish sardines!
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Own A Ghost Town in Spain for a Song!
Some abandoned hamlets in Galicia and Asturias in the Spanish countryside are being offered for free! Others can be bought for less than 40,000 Euros. Not bad eh? There are thousands more waiting for just the right buyer to renovate the local property and own his own fairy tale, rustic village right in Spain!
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How to Have FUN even while Living Off-the Grid
You don't have to mope over back breaking chores if you choose to live Off-the-Grid. If you've seen the Mosquito Coast, an old movie where Harrison Ford's screen family decides to hightail into one island for forntier life. It can be amazing if you know how to have fun!
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Outdoor Sandals: The new IGUANAS issss Smokin' Sexy
Outdoor Sandals in the Philippines have come a long way. Forget overpriced beach flip-flops from Brazil.. Made in the Philippines looks gorgeous and is waaay tougher. Trending local brands compete for the heart of the Pinoy who shells out hard earned moolah for the toughest pair of sandals he can get and wear virtually on any terrain, rain or shine.. We review Iguanas Sandals coolest NEW outdoor sandals, whose designer soles are as tough as they are sexy.
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UK, UK: Thrift Shopping for Brands and Steals
All Girls want the best fashion they can find for cheap. If you can find Adidas, Doc Martens, and authentic leather bomber jackets, or formal corporate wear for cheap in Ukay Ukay and thrift shops everywhere, WHY NOT? Here's a guide by Stephanie Quesada about her UK UK shopping tips...
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Arm Sleeves: Rocking Sports and Fashion
Cosplay fangirls AND fanboys love donning arm sleeves. You used to see them only on ladies on their wedding day or prom dates wanting to look extra glamorous. Now, arm sleeves are making it as an everyday wearable. Almost all sports enthusiasts also wear them for joint support and for better circulation--from basketball, to vollyeball, to table tennis. Take a look at this seeming odd fascination about the sexiest upper garment-arm wear for all occasions.
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Open Source Ecology: Build Your Life, Build Civilization
Need an oven for your bakery? A tractor for your farm? Plans for a low cost dwelling? Factory equipment for your prodcution line? Do not worry about expensive brand name products anymore, a new Open Source engineering group has set up a website where all blueprints for your equipment needs are readily available for download so that YOU can build what YOU NEED, more affordably. And their equipment designs are already built and tested as durable and effective for their intended purpose.
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Creativity Tools: Copelle Dot Grid Notebooks, Affordable and Amazing
Notebook aficionados rejoice! We review a series of notebooks and how they fare as creativity tools, design tools, and everything that bricked mobile device will never be. Check out the stylish Copelle notebooks as reviewed by Mel Cabral. These are available at National Bookstore too!
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Creativity Tools: Venzi Soft Journals, Classy Notebooks for Doodling and Illustrations
More good stuff! Notebooks of course. This time Venzi Soft Journals reviewed by Mel Cabral. These are specially made artist's notebooks for National Bookstore. Premium quality notebooks are a special product and collectible item highly prized by smarter individuals who know that if their mobile device gets bricked or lost, they have the most beautiful replacement ready and waiting and it don't cost an arm and a leg.
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Mason Jar Recipes: Pumpkin Soup to Go!
Among the best ideas for Mason Jar Recipes and Meals to go are soups! You get a filling and delcious meal that can be easily reheated. Soups in Mason Jars also are best when batch cooking so that you don't need to fuss when prepareing food for the next 3 days or so.. Just stick em in the fridge andgrab em when you need em. Read Stephanie Quesada's simple pumpkin soup recipe and make your own!
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Creativity Tools: Moleskine, One Notebook to Rule Them All
All aspiring writers should have ONE. Or ALL of them. As many as one can afford to keep. Moleskine is worth all the fuss, expense and its use by many creative minds for their precious work shows how beloved this incredibly simple yet gorgreous notebook is to notebook lovers everywhere. Read the notebook review by Mel G. Cabral.
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Valerie Concepcion: Meant to be a Mother
Gorgeous mom, Valerie Concepcion reveals to readers, the inspiration behind her keeping her mission as SuperMom: her princess, Fiona! Survival tips for single mothers from a God-fearing and trusting brave woman in love..
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Creativity Tools: Monologue Sketchbooks are Fantastic!
Monologue notebools are the perfect choice for the artist looking for quality sketchbooks at an affordable price. Available at National bookstore and at Fully Booked, Monologue is one marquee that is as good as Moleskine and available at a very good price. Mel Cabral reviews more creativity tools for the designer and notebook fan.
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Revival of Mason Jars: The Garapon as Cinderella Designer Glass
Mason jars have made a comeback as the hipster DIY container for all reasons, seasons and purposes. As a BIG bottle for pack lunch. For cocktails and beer at hipster bars and restos. As cute containers for gifts too. You can buy them locally at better hardware stores and at craft shops.
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Boxed Sets: Are Collector's Editions Worth It?
Drooling over that new limited edition boxed set coming out? Are we going to waste good money on reissued copies of our stuff, or are we getting a priceless heirloom that will soar in value in the future? Boxed sets are always the best holiday gifts for good friends. And a personal treasure or trophy completists can't do without. Most of us use the regular CD/DVD copies to rip media onto our mobile device but keep the boxed set for private stay-at-home movie/music marathons.
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Subscription Boxes: This Generation's Goody Bag Fetish Keeps Shops Alive
At a time when buying stuff you like is an overwhelming choice, many prefer to get their favorite grabs in subscription boxes offered by their favorite online hobby stores. From hair and make-up accessories, home baked goods, or whatever fetish one is avid about. Subscription boxes have kept online shops alive and venture capitalists eager to capitalize on the new trend.
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Russian Watches: Time to Get Your Heirlloom Watch Now
Soviet-era watches and the Russian brands that still manufacture timepieces today are regarded as some of the finest in the world, second only to Swiss brands. Precision craftsmanship, with homegrown watch technology, housed in titanium or solid steel blocks, Russian watch brands are among the few wristwatches that still run on mechanical spring movements (not quartz), Not your ordinary mass market product, Russian timepieces are heirlooms by themselves and if our President makes trade ties with Russia, one of the best deals Pinoys can have out of that relationship is owning one themselves or set up an offical brand distribution shop in Manila.
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Gifts for Oneself: Russian Jackets by Grunge John Orchestra Explosion
If you thought Russians were square, take a look at Russian brand, Grunge John Orchestra Explosion. Like the immmortal 90s--phat and ugly never looked as good as military and winter jackets for streetwear. Although high fashion jackets seem like the turf of western brands, Russian designer, Ivan Isaev has put together a very remarkable line using high-end Japanese fabrics and infuses them with the familiar Russian military jacket design handsome with fur hoodies to boot. Take a look at GJO E, and reconsider what gift you want for yourself, a smart phone or an heirloom military jacket?
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Xmas Every Month? Try Russian Candy!
Some of the best yet underrated candy and chocolate brands come from up north! From Russia to be precise. Unlike U.S. brands which may be using GMO ingredients you may not know, Russian food brands use pure natural ingredients especially the long-time favorites in their country. Russian candy is also known for being generously portioned--as big as your thumb--and their nut-filling chocolates and caramels and toffees are among Eastern Europe's favorites too. Get yourself some Russian candy this holiday season and every month after!
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Xmas for the Movie Marathon Groupies: HD (4K) Media Players
You don't need an expensive smartphone, tablet, or PC to watch or listen to HD media files anymore. A very nice gift this Xmas or for any occasion will be the latest portable 4K--UltraHigh Definition--media players that can plug into any TV monitor or computer monitor for your music or movie marathon fix. An HD media player will be your cheap and portable home theater system that also works off-grid with any TV.
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11 Desert Island Vinyl Records for Rediscovering Rock and Metal
Vinyl Lps are becoming a popular collectible hobby and hipster kids want to explore musiv via vinyl again. Here is our recommended list of the top 11 desert island vinyl records you should own or look for as part of your rock music collection. If SHTF, and you won't find any music anywhere, having hardcopy vinyl records as your physical stash of rock music faves should keep you shaking your hair and stomping your foot even when worse comes to worst.
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2017 Fresh Start? Smart Business Ideas for Yin-Fire Rooster Year
The year of the Yin Fire Rooster is supposed to be the best time for fresh starts for many enterprising individuals and groups. What are the smartest business ideas that may be good entrepreneurship or career moves in 2017 moving forward? Remember, the next year--2018 is an Earth Dog year, a time when deep social changes or a transformation will occur, so the Yin-Fire Rooster serves as a transition into that new age. REACH looks at some ongoing trends in business and social enterprise that might work for you as a reboot--for business or career.
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Valentines Gifts for Him and Her (Yin-Fire Rooster)
For the year of Fresh Starts, Yin-Fire Rooster 2017's Valentine's Day celebrations should be also as exciting and interesting for couples, and loved ones. What gifts are best for him or her as inspiration to kndle more romance for your loved life? Check out REACH magazine's recommended gifts for this year's Valentine's day.
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Church Camping in England! Why not in Pinas?
Camping out in a most atmospheric of places, safe from things that go bump in the night? Church camping is trending among decommissioned heritage chruches in England. Church conservationists are promoting Slow Tourism in the rural countryside with stays arranged to include country walks, canoeing, storytelling sessions, yoga sessions and breakfast from the nearby BnB. If only the idea can be replicated in the Philippines' own beautiful countryside for low-impact tourism development.
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Thrift Book Shop Finds in Manila and Baguio
Buying used books or books on sale is a great way to upgrade your personal library if you read for fun or write for a living and are inspired by hoarding books and novels of your fave authors. Most thrift bookshop guides in the Metro focus on just locations, but since most of them are already known, we show you what kind of good stuff you can purchase. The books we found may surprise you about the quality of finds in thrift bookstores around the Metro.
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