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Revival of Mason Jars: The Garapon as Cinderella Designer Glass

March 23, 2015       Within Reach
Revival of Mason Jars
The Garapon as Designer Lunch Jar?

Pint sized Mason Jar or garapon that can be bought locally.  Ball
brand too.  A hardware shop at Trinoma sells them in boxes.

The humble garapon used to be that tall, fat glass jar where you plunk down your spare coins or grab cookies your mom made.  Your lola might be using the garapon for keeping sugar, rock salt, bagoong, and even keeping rice stored safely away from pests and mold.  

Since Instagram and Pinterest came into popular use, the lowly Mason jar or garapon has become something of a hipster food container for almost everything delicious. 

Taking a crude or high rez photo of your lunch and pimping it in your social media for your friends to see has made Mason Jars or garapons, one of the favorite food containers among people rediscovering the use of everyday objects for smarter and more interesting uses.

Even as an actual serving glass for large-serving fruit shakes or huge cocktails in some bars and restaurants.  Some cake makers offer their wares tucked in varying sizes of Mason Food jars or garapons, from 320 ml snack size pudding treats to larger glass jars for various cakes. 

The collectible Ball mason jars can be purchased locally at a
hardware shop in Trinoma.  They offer both the green and blue
hued glasses in pint and quart sizes only.

The Prettiest Garapon

The garapon or Mason jar is just not any ordinary glass container.  Designed for canning food in a glass jar, the tempered glass is sturdier than a standard drinking glass.  At some hipster coffee shops, cold-brew coffee is served in Mason jars.  Some farmers markets sell dairy treats in Mason jars. 

The Garapon is durable and hip enough for use  as your water glass in some trendy DIY restos.  For dessert, you find places actually seving pies baked in garapon style jars.  Another reason Mason jars are very popular is the relatively low cost and extreme durability of the garapon glass compared to stylish but fragile drinking containers. Breakage can cost a lot in dining places and quality drinking glass
es are not cheap.

Around Since 1858

Made in the good ole USA, the Ball brand in particular, Mason jars offer users a hardy, reusable and recyclable container.  The design of the thick glass jar was patented by John Mason in 1858 at Philadelphia.  Keeping food from spoiling was a grave concern and Mason Jars greatly improved food storage quality.  When Mason's patent on the jar expired, many companies copied the design and used variations of the jar.

This is what a Ball brand Mason jar or 'garapon' looks like, they have a
separate metal lid AND a separate metal ring.  The jars are used
primarily for canning food but you can utilize them for any kind of
portable storage...from lunch bottle to beverage glass.

The Mason jar has threads around the neck which are capped by a sealing lid with a screw-on band that creates a vacuum as hot foods packed in it would cool. The Mason jar brand that outnumbers and outlasts others has been Ball.  Ball brand jars are made and owned by Jarden Home Brands and are made in Indiana.

The box of pint sized Mason jars that can be purchased locally.
The price is fairly affordable for the quality of the containers and as
the collector's edition set too.  From under P800 for a box of 12
pint-sized jars to under P1000 for 9 bottles of the larger
quart-sized Mason jars.  The collector's set is for 6 quart sized
mason jars with blue tinted or green tinted glass.

Home canning jar sales are up 31 percent in 2013, but most of buyers were creative entrepreneurs using the jar as a packaging container.  The Heritage Collection will be available until supplies run out, according to Jarden. The company plans to release commemorative jars in the future.

Amazing Uses for the Incredible Mason Jar

Mason jars and microwave safe, people are using them today as a portable lunch bottle for everything that can be stuffed into one: from salads, to tacos, to pizzas and even cakes.

Garapons are commonly used to store food like cookies or rice and beans or herbs and other condiments.  Mason jars also make good storage for prepared beverages like lemonade and iced tea to be kept in the fridge.  There are plenty of uses for these outstanding storage containers especially for off-grid purposes.


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