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Refrigeration without Electricity? DIY Solutions for Cold Storage
There are ingenious ways of putting together gear that can simulate the cold storage capacity and efficiency of an electricity powered refrigerator. Some using very readily available materials like sand and clay pots. Check out the ZEER POT for emergency DIY solutions for cold storage in off the grid areas.
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When Off-Grid is Tough: What to Expect
Living connected to the urban grid, we have power, a food supply grid, and tap water, plus entertainment online and from TV and radio. Living off-grid, you plan your day so you can draw enough water in your cistern, grow your own food and cook just enough food that will keep without spoiling. Off-grid cabins survive even with ample resources. You regenerate resources so you don't run out. How to cope.
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Revival of Mason Jars: The Garapon as Cinderella Designer Glass
Mason jars have made a comeback as the hipster DIY container for all reasons, seasons and purposes. As a BIG bottle for pack lunch. For cocktails and beer at hipster bars and restos. As cute containers for gifts too. You can buy them locally at better hardware stores and at craft shops.
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