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Waterways and Static Electricity Megaliths as Ancient Healing Zones

September 5, 2015       Unravelling Mysteries
Waterways and
Static Electricity

 Ancient Healing Zones with Bio-Electricity

Ffynnon Oledd Llanaber healing well, a sacred Christian site with
megalith stones marking the site.  The stones may amplify ambient
static electricity to create healing properties in the water.

Modern medicine is a field of science that focuses on the biochemical reactions of the body as a means for curing ailments or improving health.  What modern medicine overlooks it the age-old belief system that the body is a balance of energies, some call it Chi energy, but a more practical term would be the amount of static electricity or natural electric charge in our body’s cells.

Modern doctors treat most ailments by using biochemical solutions, but in ancient world cultures, so called witch doctors would attempt to harmonize the body’s electrical charge by some ritual using static electricity.  Other fields of ancient knowledge, such as stonecraft architecture, medicine and alchemy, the static charge of an object changes the properties of the matter.  Only recently have researchers used sonics to change the static charge or frequency of an object to manipulate its material properties.

Ancient dolmen formations that were used for healing rituals
 and resonate static electricity auras.

It is remarkable that we are rediscovering what was known in ancient cultures but was lost to us because there was no way to convey or document  ancient knowledge for posterity except for stone carvings.  One theory that has yet to be observed and disclosed publicly is that, when any object resonates to the frequency (electrical or sonar) of light, that same object becomes weightless and can therefore be transported or manipulated very easily by craftsmen weaned on such exotic ancient technology.  There are urban legends of modern experiments going awry such as the Tesla inspired Philadelphia experiment involving a Navy ship given a static electricity field which disappeared and reappeared but with the sailors fused into the metal.  Electricity is a VERY POWERFUL form of energy that can change material properties and maybe even quantum properties of matter.

Ancient rock formations like Ale's rock were built as holy sites by
the ancient peoples who knew that Megalith stone structures
generated ambient bio-electric fields that helped heal ailments.

Sacred structures of all kinds were located near running waterways: which are zones of natural static electricity.  The monolithic structures soak up the ambient static charge, and this ‘energy’ is then transferred as a healing charge to a gathering of believers who worship their deity amidst the stone monolith altars.  A sacred rite with burning candles served to increase the effectiveness of the healing energy transfer.  Not only were waterways a source for food, irrigation and sanitation for ancient communities.  Those supposed primitive societies already had advanced knowledge about the healing properties of stone monoliths and ambient static electricity generated by running water.

But for ancient civilization and communities living next to stone monoliths near sacred sites over a vein of orgone energy or placed strategically near running waterways, the giant monoliths were used not only as physical astrological devices or calendars but as healing conduits for the worshippers who gather there.  An energy transformation that may also occur in visitors of certain Christian church buildings built with stonecraft masonry that still stand today.

Legannany Dolmen as one sacred rock formation.

Some psychics also perceive a person’s aura as having something to do with energy, maybe a visible indication of that body’s charge.  When energy is gained, some describe it as a pleasant feeling.  Some negative people can be a drain when you are around them because like vampires their weak charge may be leeching off your own aura of energy and this may be also exhibited in behavioral ticks.

Simple folk might get hoodwinked into believing that getting cured off grievous health problems by running water off stonecraft wells or pools near a stone masoned holy place as unexplained miracles, but even the Divine Being has an intelligent design in everything He puts together and it is this design which we are still ignorant of despite Him showing us that it works the way it does because He provided everything we need.  We need to rediscover and affirm this as His own glorious gift to us.  Any dupe who tells you a little knowledge is dangerous (beware of Catholic priests who do) is a dufus and an idiot.


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