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Gifts for Oneself: Russian Jackets by Grunge John Orchestra Explosion

October 21, 2016       Within Reach
Grunge John
Orchestra Explosion
A military jacket is the best gift for
oneself.  Save up for this high-end
Russian brand NOW.

Military jackets are timeless wardrobe pieces and are fast becoming an essential part of one's wardrobe just like the little black dress, a good pair of jeans, and a white t-shirt.  For men, they look way better than any sportswear garment, can be worn at any event, and like 90s grunge rock, feel better than today's music.

Image Credit:
Designer street wear like Japanese fetish jackets are prized wardrobe
 pieces among kids and adults.  Grunge John Orchestra
  is one brand that is an instant classic yet as phat and
 ugly as the 90s rock music that inspired its creator.
We like it very much.

Pinoy anime fans and since fan-favorite characters like cowboy Vash Stampede or soldier Squall Leonhart have been hero-worship for jacket street wear fashionistas,

Pinoys on the lookout for a nice military coat or fur lined-bomber jacket should have an everyday work jacket and another everyday work jacket that can be worn at a rock concert or a dinner gala night.

Since all streetwear fans also spend a pretty penny for their get-ups, check out the Russian high-end indie brand Grunge John Orchestra Explosion.  Go save up for up to two Christmas bonuses for this street wear jacket with a pedigree.

Grunge John Orchestra Exposion has quietly made its name as THE high-end street wear jacket brand from Moscow by making waves in Europe and the U.S. selling sexy Russian military styled jackets and summer denim for men and women and aficionados of durable and well-made, designer street wear.

Every Grunge John jacket is cut and sewn together with Japanese high-end fabrics that endure the most hostile environmental conditions in cold weather Europe, Eurasia and East Asia and put together with master tailor craftsmanship equal to the premium bespoke brands in the west.  The designers also use modern dye processes to infuse urban style color and a worn look to their street wear.

Since its humble beginnings in 2008, the
indie Russian brand has been a runaway hit in hip-hop urban fashion and designer street wear scene. In fact, Adidas Russia commissioned its co-owner and designer, Ivan Isaev to create a 2015 Fall lineup of  adidas Originals' for three jacket styles and two different pairs of sneakers.  Check the video for the three-stripe designer label collaboration:

Image Credit:  adidas Russia and

Video Credit:  Adidas Russia
Grunge John Orchestra Explosion was commissioned in 2015 by
Adidas Russia to design a Fall line sportswear for Adidas Originals:
three-stripe street jackets and a pair of old school, canvass sneakers.

Co-founder and designer, Isaev has said in one interview that Muscovites with money choose to spend or splurge on functional yet high-end clothing that don't go out of style and are made with premium materials--a buying habit that has long been a Russian trait--a preference for the best one can buy from the best craftsmen, engineers and in this case, the best unsung tailors (designers) in the world. 

Image Credit:
2015 Fall Collection of Grunge John Orchestra Explosion--
colorful street wear in luxurious all-weather fabrics
and sexy Russian design sense.

The world is fast catching up and noticing that the brand is as good as touted by winter and military jacket lovers who buy Grunge John because of its sexy Russian design--plush and well-made, as well as for providing comfortable cold weather protection and still make one look like a rock star.  Or an anime hero.  Whichever is grungier.

Grunge John Orchestra Explosion is one of the shining examples that high-end, indie fashion brands in Russia are as good as western corporate brand high fashion staples. 

From its website, the GJO E describes (translated from Russian by Google Translate)
its own tailoring process

GRUNGE JOHN ORCHESTRA. EXPLOSION specializes in the manufacture of clothing from practical and durable materials. The range of each collection includes garments, products from knitwear, denim, footwear and accessories. Rethinking iconic models of military and work clothes, the brand produces on the basis of their fundamentally new product, adapted to the conditions of the modern city.

To achieve the unique look of all products after manufacture are subject to various sophisticated processing methods: Dyeing Garment Dyeing, multilevel different color dyes and heated to high temperatures in special furnaces, in which the material is deformed and assumes a monolithic form.

All things are sewn on unique 3D-cutting technology, repeating the shape of the body, it does not restrict movement, and provides maximum comfort.

The GJO E brand has its own runaway shows in both Russia and in Europe collaborating with high-end fashion boutique resellers to showcase the brand's latest designs.  GJO also produces premium leather moccasins and leather shoes for men, women's high-end street wear and summer wear and of course its signature winter and military jackets.

Image Credit:
From 2012 street wear: women's jacket line GJO E runaway.

The price of a Grunge John jacket may range from 20,000 rubles (Russian currency) for a denim jacket and up to 65,000 rubles for a military parka with fur lining around the hood.  The peso-to-ruble exchange rate is currently at 75 percent to the ruble so cut off 25 percent from the sticker online price and you get yourself the price in Philippine pesos.  That's around the price of an affordable high-end smart phone in Manila.

Instead of buying yourself some fancy ass smartphone that bricks in 6 months, why not shell out as much for a jacket that is almost indestructible yet makes you look like Squall Leonhart or Rinoa Heartlily right out of Harajuku or Moscow.  Grunge never died in the 90s.  It lives on in the best heavy-duty all-weather, military jacket brand in Russia--
Grunge John Orchestra Exposion.

Now wouldn't it be really jaw dropping if they had an exclusive showroom or shop in Manila once our President, Roddy Duterte, irons out trade and economic opportunities with our distant northern neighbors. 

Plenty of street wear fans in Manila.  Military jacket aficionados too.  Just saying.


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