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Why a WorkShed Office Is a Great Idea

February 12, 2014       Building Block
Work Shed Offices
Are Your Best
Gig Spaces

Work-at-home gigs were always the lovely sort of work environment and preference for most smart people. The desktop computer and even top range mobile devices now allow us to adapt spaces for telecommuting and remote jobs. Work spaces as an office within one’s home is old hat.

There has been a radical change in what a home office is supposed to be, as the Work Shed has evolved from the common garage or power tool workshop into microhousing-designer-worksuites. Despite their size, work sheds are very comfy; provide extreme privacy and may just be the ultimate office space or work area for any creative work. Most workshed offices are rigged to have their own source of electricity, air-conditioning, wireless internet access, and materials storage for the kind of work one does. You can now be as productive as you can be right in the comfort of your own 'Dog House.'

The Comfort of Working at Home

Making a living by working at home seems to be the best gig ever. Why? No renting workspace. No carrying of work supplies back and forth every day. And it saves money by avoiding travel expenses.

The problem with working from home over time is that one tends to slack off because one thinks work is just there where they are. Thinking, a hop back onto the desk can finish the job at hand is as easy as washing the dishes after dinner. Of course jobs don’t work that way and a full commitment to the tasks at hand is a required discipline.

Providing Focus and More Productivity

Chic designers have successfully re-imagined workspaces as built-up, shack-style office suites or small cabins in the yard; separate from the home. A work shed office specifically built for solitary confinement away from the distractions of home. Your 'dog house' allows for uninterrupted alone time and privacy, complete focus on the job. Although storage space for snacks or a fridge is a personal preference according to your work ethic, just having a nice clean shack where you can toil and trouble with good cheer takes the work out of work and gives you satisfaction that bliss is a Work Shed.


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