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Gamefowl: Why Filipinos Love it and How to Get into the Sport
A Brief Reminder on Why We are Nuts over Gamefowl than Women, Wine and Song. And of course, how to get into all that crazy action.
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Heavy Water (Deuterium) Is an Untapped Energy Mine for FIlipinos
The Philippines can be a First World country, by tapping its vast, naturally replenished deuterium deposits lying just off our coastlines. Many countries are eyeing the heavy hydrogen deposits as a possible alternate energy goldmine in the near future and once technology for hydrogen power takes off, the Philippines will be as blessed as any oil exporting country in the world today with a green energy footprint and green energy export industry.
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Quantum Biology: Photosynthesis Research Slowly Unlocks New Insights On Solar Bio-energy
Plant systems like biology have been discovered to function according to quantum mechanics, Will this help us improve solar power efficiency if we understand the secrets of quantum photosynthesis? Bio-physics researchers are trying to make heads or tails of photosynthesis as a highly evolved sustainable quantum energy generation system with huge potential for future commercial applications.
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Why a WorkShed Office Is a Great Idea
Don't bother with that extra room in your home as your workspace. Put together a Work Shed Office and have a more prodcutive and creative solo gig. Instead of building an extra bedroom or a sar-sari store kiosk in your home, get yourself a good designer to build a work shed office. It will be the best place you've ever worked in and more!
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Moving Pictures: Summer Komikon 2014
Reach Magazine graced the Philippine Komiks Convention held at Bayanihan Center, Unilab Compound, Pasig City last April 12, 2014. Here is our look at this summer's portion of the twice a year celebration of eveything holy and comics.
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