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KPOP Explosion: the Korean Pop Engine is the World's Favorite

June 14, 2014       Arts and Culture
Stand aside Western Artists, Korean Pop is now everybody's Favorite

Adults think they’re corny as kids, like they think kids will always be cornier these days..  So do snooty music purists who think they’re just aping 80s American dance music and injecting hip-hop and rap to make it look legit. 

Whatever complaints you’re hearing from everyone else, all the kids love KPOP and it seems the music will be this generation’s choice for pop and dance music.

A link to a You Tube post of the superpopular Kpop group Girl's Generation
winning song I got a Boy. 
All rights reserved to S.M. Entertainment

You’d never think Asians could make sexy dance hits and the most intimate and romantic songs until you’ve seen a KPOP music video.  Paris Hilton tweeted a link to 2NE1’s hit video FIRE way back in 2008 and since then the world has tuned in like proper fanboys and ditzy fangirls to all the new acts that followed. 

This year, everything comes full circle as Girls Generation wins the 2014 YouTube music video of the year with I Got a Boy, beating out megastar Americans like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato.  The usual backlash from trolls on forums all over including on You Tube followed, after the Asian phenomenon won the prize over tired old Western ditties.

Also on You Tube, supersexy performers Sistar, a cult favorite among
young male fans perform a hot number
All rights reserved to Starship Entertainment.

Earlier, someone called PSY became a You Tube viral sensation through a series of music videos, each starring the best of KPOP celebrities supporting him in a catchy song called Gangnam Style.  Yeah, he just apes some old moves of MC Hammer, and even the melody isn’t exactly original but it was the hottest and most ridiculous dance move ever since Hammer himself.

Also on You Tube, Secret with super-hit, Madonna. 
Before them and Sistar,
KPOP Girl Groups were all reed-thin
like supermodels.  Secret's idols are full-figured young women
who sing like angels and (more interestingly) dance like them too. (wink)
All rights reserved to T. S. Entertainment.

KPOP dance routines copy the 80s formula of choreographed gestures that make each idol look and appear as adorable as possible, yet the dancing incorporates the latest hiphop and sexy street dance moves.

Although alluring and a tease, the performances are more cute and adorable rather than blatantly sexual and explicit dance and music performances in western R&B and hiphop.  The juggernaut studios behind the KPOP groups know that a mix of western beats and dance music and the Japanese all-out-pimped costume, idols were the ticket to making it big.

Aside from the alluring performers, girl groups like F/X stand out
by looking the sweetheart girl next door compared with their peers,
looking good with bubblegum pop.  All rights reserved to S.M. Entertainment.

Even in fashion circles, KPOP fashion seems to be the favored brand of FREESTYLE, sweetheart dress, slick and dapper 40s and 50s suits, as well as any sultry and sexy outfit you can think off short of Cindy Lauper and Madonna.  They might be a throwback to all those pop periods when pop music was actually FUN to listen to, but this is exactly why kids love them and why adults, who remember how corny they themselves were during those times shun them. 

If Asians have rediscovered the secret of pop music alchemy, which the west has discarded for more 'artistic' endeavors, and the world embraces KPOP because they just want to watch and hear good music, then we don't need to worry that the west has outgrown their inner child and moved on.  We want to be kids forever.

Lastly, the national girl group of Korea, 4Minute, has always been KPOP's 
smoking best. 
This clip from You Tube shows why:  Hyun Ah, and girls are
heartstoppers.  Hey!....don't watch too close or they'll steal your heart.

All rights reserved to CUBE Entertainment.


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