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Survival Flashlights: Stay Safe, Stay Alive
Military flashlight technology has trickled down to commercial survival flashlight makers, A flashlight can save your life, in the middle of a raging storm or when lurkers hide to attack you.
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Off the Grid RECIPE SECRETS: Making Your Own Authentic Spanish Sardines
When the supply grid goes offline, where and how do you get your favorite foods? You teach yourself how to make them! Learn how to make authentic Spanish sardines!
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In Defense of the Hoard: Why You Can Never Own Just 100 Things...Preppers Never Do
Prepping is a lifestyle that gets you storing stuff for emergencies. Keeping stuff to stay alive is also taught in Scripture as Joseph admnished his brothers to put away corn during good harvest seasons. When some life coach or silly priest tells you: "Money can't buy Happiness!" Run away from that lying thief like your life was on the line.
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Transition Towns
Preppers already get a bad rap as gun hoarding and food hoarding fanatics, but what about Transition Towns? What started out as a class project for helping people and communities get together to be less dependent on petroleum for survival. If the hippie community was a joke in the 60s, transition towns are today's smart villages and smarter communities that make prepping and staying resilient to extreme economic and natural events a way of life.
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