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Vegetable Container Gardening: What to Grow?
Starting a container food garden and growing vegetables and want to know how it works with what you like? Here is a basic guide to the most common vegetables that still grow well in container gardens.
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Bamboo: The Tree Of Life
If you have a garden and can have zoning permissions for such trees, Bamboo is one tree-grass that is essential when you need to survive off the grid.
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Survival Basics: Keeping Emergency Rations
One would think that the previous disasters would teach us that being prepared for extreme stiuations should never be taken for granted. Water, canned goods, instant noodles, rice, batteries, a torch or two--get yourself ready when extreme weather season comes around. Here are a few pointers on keeping emergency rations.
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The Frugal Homestead
Going back to a simpler lifestyle growing your own food isn't as easy as it looks. It willl cost you as much as it costs rural folk to live the same way. From setting up your homestead, to getting your livestock housed in proper coops and getting alternate power and a cistern of water going--all of these cost money and you should be aware of all the frugal options to get you best value for everything. Here are some ideas on how you can adjust and do better.
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Preserving Your Own Food: Making Fruit Marmalade
If you buy fruits in season and have extra, you can make fruit marmalade so that the abundance won't go to spoil. Also, making fruit jam and fruit marmalade is one of the best ways to keep food available in your larder for off the grid living and extreme situations.
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Survival Flashlights: Stay Safe, Stay Alive
Military flashlight technology has trickled down to commercial survival flashlight makers, A flashlight can save your life, in the middle of a raging storm or when lurkers hide to attack you.
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Survival Knives: Your Off the Grid Work Tool and Self Defense
Off the Grid, you will need a tool for wilderness and even urban survival. How do you choose the best survival knife for your chores and as a self-defense weapon? Check out our list.
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How to Have FUN even while Living Off-the Grid
You don't have to mope over back breaking chores if you choose to live Off-the-Grid. If you've seen the Mosquito Coast, an old movie where Harrison Ford's screen family decides to hightail into one island for forntier life. It can be amazing if you know how to have fun!
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UK, UK: Thrift Shopping for Brands and Steals
All Girls want the best fashion they can find for cheap. If you can find Adidas, Doc Martens, and authentic leather bomber jackets, or formal corporate wear for cheap in Ukay Ukay and thrift shops everywhere, WHY NOT? Here's a guide by Stephanie Quesada about her UK UK shopping tips...
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Portable Wind Power: Getting the Most from Wind Energy for your Power Needs
You'd think that a windmill or those ultra sleek modern wind turbines were what you needed to get the most out of wind power. Tech for wind turbines has evolved so much that smaller and more portable gear is available for community, home or personal use. Keeping a portable wind generator and using one regulalry will help you deal better with off the grid situations and save you a bundle on energy costs.
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Off the Grid: You Need a Survival Vehicle for Disaster Situations
People always try to be prepared for emergencies. The need to evacuate from a place might require more than just your family car. Here is a look at the kinds of Bug-Out vehicles available out there and what else you need to hightail it out of ground zero (an extreme situation forcing you to leave your home).
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In Defense of the Hoard: Why You Can Never Own Just 100 Things...Preppers Never Do
Prepping is a lifestyle that gets you storing stuff for emergencies. Keeping stuff to stay alive is also taught in Scripture as Joseph admnished his brothers to put away corn during good harvest seasons. When some life coach or silly priest tells you: "Money can't buy Happiness!" Run away from that lying thief like your life was on the line.
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What is Off-Grid Living?
We all hear the buzz about living off-grid becoming a serious lifestyle choice for many. Not just retirees or yuppies and celebrity sports stars getting tired of the rat race, but even young kids turning to agriculture and farming as a way of life. Not just for the coming zombie apocalypse which everyone has a mad-on for. Living off-grid also means smarter living and a discipline that will keep one in good stead. Zombies be or not.
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