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Amazing Parks and Wildlife in QC: The Forest You Were Always Looking For at the Back of the Aparador

April 8, 2015       Amazing Philippines

Amazing Pinoy Parks
Benigno Aquino Parks and Wildlife in QC

This is one of the best kept secrets in Quezon City.  Even as plenty of people know it's a great place for hanging out with your chums, it is still pretty much a very serene and quiet place especially during weekdays and during the summer.  It can be reached via commute by jeepney or your own vehicle, just travel into Quezon Avenue going to the Quezon Memorial Circle, the park is located at the left side of the road right before you drive towards City Hall going to Philcoa.  From North Avenue, it is the last place on the right if you are coming from SM North/Trinoma going towards the Quezon Memorial Circle.

Tree-lined paths entering the picnic areas at the
Ninoy Aquino
Parks and Wildlife.

New Office and Admin buildings on the North Avenue side
of the Parks and Wildlife.

The weekends make it a favorite 'pasyalan' by families who prefer to picnic or couples who prefer to sit in some secluded park bench and cuddle or nap while enjoying a private moment.

Parks in Quezon City are of two varieties, the mall parks which are manicured and set up against the backdrop of posh shops and restaurants.  The other being parks like the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Recreation Center.

This looks like that perfect spot for your lazy afternoon
reading or sketching right at the heart of Quezon City.

You don’t even need to spend half a month's salary to unwind at some remote resort.  Around the Quezon City are some really amazing places where you can disengage and woolgather--the best things to do anywhere anyway.

Visit the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Recreation Center in Quezon City.  The Forest Park is located in a very accessible area along Quezon Avenue near the Quezon Memorial Circle.  The entrance fee is only P8 for adults and P12 for children!

Bridge crossing the Parks and Wildlife lagoon.

The Forest You Were Always Looking For at the Back of the Aparador

A living and breathing Forest! In Quezon City.  Like a surprise out of the back of the wardrobe in C.S. Lewis epic.  

Them old trees immediately welcome you inside the park and invite you to stay awhile and spend as long as you want with them like they were long lost brothers.

If you are into 'Creative Woolgathering', the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife is PERFECT for some downtime to sketch some ideas, jot down notes or even write out that secret novel you have in the works--during the course of several visits of course.  Make 'tambay' and just let your thoughts lead you to make gold out of woolly mammoth moments.

Park benches overlooking the lagoon.

Tree logs as park benches are positioned everywhere for visitors
to rest and relax while enjoying the views.

A stone bench in the middle of a balete grove.

Parks and Wildlife has more secluded places with log benches
for a more quiet space for couples and even families.

One bench with a gorgeous view of the treeline.

It may be unseemly for a genuine Forest, no matter how small, to exist in the middle of the urban jungle.  But the Quezon City park is that secret place everyone knows they can visit, draging family, friends or life partners to see the Philippine Eagle or just picnic and lazy the afternoon off.  Or trick your companion or best bud into coming with you for a serious talk and surprise them with a picnic and a nice dinner back in the city after.  

The bird cages are favorite attractions for
people wanting to see beautiful birds of prey up close.

Benigno Aquino Parks and Wildlife isn't just a place for picincs and cuddling too.  They have several avian cages scattered around the place that houses some of the Philippines best avian predators such as lawins, smaller eagles, parrots, hawks, and even a young Philippine Eagle!  If only for the Philippine Eagle, which looks more handsome than you can hope your boyrfriend or husband could ever look, VISIT the place!  Get nice pics of the Philippine Eagle for your selfie and social media (Instagram) gravure posts.

Young Philippine Eagle Kapayapaan in one of the park's bird cages. 
He is
even more handsome when you see him in person.

Sometimes he likes to frolic, and drop to the ground as instincts tell
him to hunt for foodBe careful not to get too close to the cage
because his claws are razor sharp and can hurt you because
Philippine Eagles are still wild birds of prey.

Handsome devil even in full light.  Wish they could give him a
bigger cage so that he doesn't get annoyed by the limited space.

More secluded log benches among the trees in this quiet
and serene National Park

There are several in-park restaurants offering typical Pinoy-style turo-turo meals if you ever get hungry after an afternoon of cuddling with honey lemon veve, or hanging out with your barkada.  Whatever your purpose, don't forget that Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife is your secret hangout.  And you don't even need to go into the back of your aparador to find a peaceful, secret woods with magic.


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