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In Defense of the Hoard: Why You Can Never Own Just 100 Things...Preppers Never Do

February 27, 2015       Cutting Edge
In Defense of the Hoard 
Why You Can Never Own Just 100 Things
Especially for Preppers

Emergency supplies are a must for any home pantry.  At least 3 days
worth of canned food for waiting out a storm.  More if an extreme
situation is expected.
  Check expiry dates and nutrition requirements.

Keeping stuff doesn’t hurt you. It doesn’t detract from the happiness you feel wherever you happen to encounter all that clutter.  Some people are not the kind who find pure bliss in owning mundane things and stuff and items:  from gadgets, books, clothes or whatever.  Better people know they are blessed when they can get the stuff they've wanted and worked hard for, and it is Scripture's blessing that you sit down at the end of a hard day at work and enjoy your dibs--look up Ecclesiastes. 

You are more blessed to enjoy what you have despite what snooty people think.  Because if your measure of happiness is lost when people start thinking bad of you and it is your only measure of happiness then that makes you a dipshit.  The Lord makes you deeply love things because they are His blessings. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Cornucopia as a symbol of Thanksgiving for 7 Years of Plenty,
Joseph telling his brothers to set aside food for the hard times.

Stuff is never just stuff.  Especially for preppers.  Also for hobbyists who are just people who appreciate particular STUFF more than most people. 

Some people try to dupe you into focusing on the “more important” things in life.  Busybodies especially. Acquiring things to enjoy for the sake of having a good hoard of useful stuff is often targeted by most pretentious gurus called 'life coaches' or some over dramatic priest trying to con you into a guilt trip.

These idiots tell you that having less STUFF is bliss and less worries too.  Make other people happy by passing off your stuff as a benevolent gesture is what priests pontificate (then they ask you to tithe so that when they retire, they have a cushy nest egg--Jesuits in particular are the worst mindfucks).

Why Keep Stuff?

A lot of STUFF is good to keep for emergency situations.  Don't ever get into that mindset where you get duped to 'share' or pass off goods with others because they just clutter the house, there are literally hundreds of things you might rarely use but keep because still need them and don’t have to buy or borrow them when you need to use them.   You never let your possessions own you, but trying to limit yourself to 100 things for happiness sake is ridiculous. 
And you don't throw away your pearls to swine like the Lord admonishes you.

Prepper Lifestyle Smarts

Bollocks to anyone who tells you you shouldn't keep STUFF, especially for preppers who are often misunderstood for being extra careful for emergency situations than most people are.

Having a prepper's mentality keeps you in a mindset where you are aware what you really need and what works best for you--so you may seem to be hoarding STUFF so that you keep your circle protected from getting in trouble in an extreme situation. 

When the SHTF, expect situations like this...a bank run from the 40s. 
Your money might not be accessible or worth anything in an extreme
situation.  Keep stuff.  Be prepared.  Grow your own food too.

Having lots of money put away might seem like having more options working for you but if that money can't buy you what you need, it IS worthless.  In extreme situations, having STUFF ready counts MORE than having plenty of money--when STUFF runs out, you can't buy anything... 

Your HOARD of stuff has its own upside because:  Parts of your hoard, you can't really bear to lose (family pictures), and parts of it that seem like junk are still useful resources that can keep you alive in the most unexpected of situations.  Whatever is left that you recognize as useless, you can toss out anyway.

Remember how TIDE detergent became something like liquid gold as a barter item?

The point of life is never about hoarding stuff either, but to keep yourself prepared so that you avoid falling victim to circumstances beyond your control.  When you are prepared for most everything, you won't get conned by guilt trips or personality make-overs, and you can actually HELP people when they need it.  That's is the most noble purpose of hoarding stuff and knowing that when things need to be where they are, you need only draw from your stores. 

It IS different if you are into say collecting a fleet of sports cars, or having expensive doodads to make your living room a showcase of how expensive your tastes are.  That kind of vanity often leads you into losing everything in the end because the cost of maintaining expensive vanities eats away at your limited resources and is never a smart way of keeping STUFF in the first place.

Less is More Hoax

Many so-called life coaches prey on the weak-willed and con them into supposed personality-remakes of themselves (what a hoot), telling them to give up 'material' possessions and live brighter, happier lives, full of hearts and dreams and rainbows and wanderlust. 

Priests are the worst when they say: “money can’t buy happiness.”  Then you find out that a great percentage of church income is invested in local money market portfolios instead of being used for self-sustaining livelihood projects or life-support projects of the poor.  Many 'life coach cons' go all out to dupe you into list-making:  What 100 things are the only stuff you need to stay happy?  This is a swindle folks.

Keeping a stash of water is another important survival lifeline.  Water
purification equipment comes also as a close second.

There are things money can’t buy, things that can bring happiness. But you would probably be aghast without food, clean water, shelter, medicine in an extreme situation.  Non-consumerist lifestyles are a trap if you are not careful.  Never shove this hoax of a mindset into someone else, especially preppers.  Some people are happy being prepared with a hoard of good stuff and staying ready for bad times.

Your Stash is Your Lifeline

A 1957 era shelter with emergency supplies hoarded in a shelf pantry. 
People forget how bad things can get in extreme situations. 
A super-typhoon wiping away entire communities in this day and
age should keep us aware that we need to be prepared.

Owning less stuff does not simplify things as most pundits will offer.  Having nothing to fall back on in an extreme situation leaves you with a 'WTF' expression that you will never wish even on your worst enemy.  Sometimes even obsolescent gear keeps you in good stead:  old computers running old programs or Ubuntu can satisfy your computing needs quite nicely too.  Keeping more than enough is always better than having just enough, because when a very bad typhoon smashes into town, when your power grid goes out, when all the supermarkets and pharmacies run out of goods, your ATM won't do squat. 

Start your hoard now.  Keep it safe too.


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