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Preserving Your Own Food: Making Fruit Marmalade
If you buy fruits in season and have extra, you can make fruit marmalade so that the abundance won't go to spoil. Also, making fruit jam and fruit marmalade is one of the best ways to keep food available in your larder for off the grid living and extreme situations.
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Earthships: Grow Your Own Food and Live Off the Grid
One option for living off the grid is to build an earthship in places where there are no zoning restrictions on the type of dwelling you can build. Earthship blueprints allow for the best use of recycled materials and off the grid power sources to keep those who dwell within safe and enjoying life as best as you can possibly imagine and more! Earthships are also designed for growing your own food onsite too.
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MicroHydro Power: Endless Power for Off-the-Grid
Take advantage of living near any flowing waterway and utilize micro-hydro power for Off-the-Grid energy! As long as the water source or stream does not overflow, or if contingencies may be planned for such emergencies, using local waterways for micro-hydro power for community and off-the-grid power sourcing is one smart alternate energy solution.
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Cooperative Security Locations: How the U.S. Is Keeping the Peace
Pearl Harbor is a reminder of how putting all of your eggs in one basket can be a setback in strategic military planning. These days, the U.S. no longer maintains as many bases as it once did all over the world. Instead, there are small forward bases in the most obscure islands and friendly countires near hotspots that can help the U.S. Military jump and intervene into any crisis situation without being vulnerable to any pre-emptive strike or terrorist activity.
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Refrigeration without Electricity? DIY Solutions for Cold Storage
There are ingenious ways of putting together gear that can simulate the cold storage capacity and efficiency of an electricity powered refrigerator. Some using very readily available materials like sand and clay pots. Check out the ZEER POT for emergency DIY solutions for cold storage in off the grid areas.
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Soldier Food that Keeps for 50 Years: Hardtack as Survival Rations
U.S. Civil war fighters from both sides lived on these while in the field. Ancient armies were also believed to have used such rations for keeping alive. Hardtack is a baked flour, dense bread cracker that is tough as a rock yet when rehydrated with coffee or milk or soup it can be eaten as field rations and it tastes as good as fresh bread!
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Solar Maximum Cycles: Coronal Mass Ejections Can Be THE Apocalypse
We know that the Sun has a cycle when its electromagnetic activity flares up, resulting in increased sunspots, hollow areas in the corona and the most dangeerous, Coronal Mass Ejections, where the sun vomits plasma clouds into space which have a chance of hitting the earth and harming all of our electronics dependent gear--which is basically everything we need to survive.
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Stealth Military Motorcycle: Hybrid Motor Paves Way for Future Civilian Tech
The Motorcycle has been proven as a vital tactical operations asset in special forces military missions, and the U.S. Defense department is currently developing one very quiet Hybrid engine assault motorcycle that can travel over rough terrain with the noise of a normal conversation for one hour using the electric motor, before reverting back to the fuel engine. Imagine how this technology can be used for civilian bikes in the future...less noise pollution if the motor can maintain silent running for longer periods!
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The Sun Is All The Power You Need
Solar Power is now cheaper for both household and industrial off-the-grid installations. An hour's worth of sunshine can actually power a nation\'s energy needs for a year!
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Transition Towns
Preppers already get a bad rap as gun hoarding and food hoarding fanatics, but what about Transition Towns? What started out as a class project for helping people and communities get together to be less dependent on petroleum for survival. If the hippie community was a joke in the 60s, transition towns are today's smart villages and smarter communities that make prepping and staying resilient to extreme economic and natural events a way of life.
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Natural Engineering! Best for Flood Control and Replenishing Rainwater Cisterns
Flooding is a serious problem that that is life-changing and life-threatening. More so with the increase of violent storms over the past few years. Research in the U.K. has showed that using natural run-off solutions such as catchments, clustering forest trees along rivers actually slow down water going down to low lying areas and give people time to prepare and evacuate if necessary. Diverting highland water into rainwater cisterns might also be a green technology for keeping community water storage for off-grid situations.
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