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My Best Friend's Girlfriend And I'm a Girl ( 3 x 3 Hearts ) Chapter 10

October 1, 2014       Memory Angel Romances


Revan was flustered by the mussing up of her P700 haircut. Is that so, you obnoxious boy? , she thought. Without thinking, she held his arm til he had his weight on it and pulled him close to her and he lost balance and he slid forward towards Revan. She caught him on his shoulder, now looking at him eye to eye with a mischievous and inviting smile telling him he’s toast now.

Up close, It took Darrien all of two seconds not to, but the glorious scent of her shampoo, his arm on her hip for balance and even if Revan was just goofing around, he closed his eyes, put his other arm around her and kissed her deeply. Revan thought he just slipped, but as he hugged her closer kissing her deeply and her kissing back for all she was worth, she imagined a detached version of herself whooping it up and punching the air saying in her mind: Yesssssss!

And just to make sure it wasn’t an accident or anything as lame as a moment of weakness, she wrapped herself around him, coaxing him that it wasn’t a mistake, kissing him the way Nissa taught her how when both of them were practicing in the back of the library, pretending the other was Darrien Keljoran.

She wasn’t sure he would push her off any moment but when his hand crept up her skirt, she knew all those stupid hours of ‘French’ lessons with Nissa were worth all the trouble of getting caught twice by the chief librarian who reprimanded both of them severely for wasting a good kiss on each other instead of getting a nice boy to do it with. She kinda figured she had a shot at him after he agreed to go out with them, the stupid librarian assistants volunteer group when he asked them first if she, Revan was going too.

Now she knew he had it for her bad as he was kissing her neck like a guy in love and clinging to her for dear life as she pulled off his shirt so she could feel all of him against her.

She wanted the fun to last as long as they could manage so she slowed him down with long, deep kisses, letting him taste her tongue, and holding down his arms helpless as strongly as she could, as a cue that she wanted him to just relax and they would have lots of fun before the night was over. Boy, that a P700 haircut could really give a girl some edge.

She broke off kissing him from time to time as he ran his hands over her body, looking at his beautiful face and making sure he just wasn’t beguiled but lovestruck being alone with her and stealing a moment together. They made wild love in the passenger seat of her car twice. Then after an hour, she pulled him into the spacier backseat for some more sugar beats and she made sure he really was in love with her before she let up, enjoying every moment she stole away from his girlfriend. He lay exhausted and sleeping lying by her side, and she had the smarts to keep a blanket ready under the seat for the times she slept in her car alone, but now with a boyfriend. Only a boyfriend would make love to a girl like he did. Her heartthrob companion and friend was now her boyfriend and she didn’t mind them keeping this a secret from everyone else.

Maybe after he had a good long dreamy sleep, he’d figure out how nasty he’d been and he’d make amends by asking her out proper and they’d do it in HIS car instead. Revan smiled wearily as she finally fell asleep wrapped around Darrien, hugging his back close to her.

My Best Friend's Girlfriend And I'm A Girl! ( 3 X 3 Hearts )

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