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My Best Friend's Girlfriend And I'm A Girl! ( 3 X 3 Hearts ) Chapter 9

March 8, 2014 | By: Seylor Marci       Memory Angel Romances



Darrien went out on a group date with some kids who practically went on their knees and begged him to go out with them this evening two weeks ago. They sent him flowers everyday, candy too. And some of them even sent him mix-tape ripped CDs of some of the most cheesy hair metal ballads that they knew he loved.

He decided to avoid further embarrassment from them by making them promise to just be friends from then on and not cross the line and he would happily go out with them as their brother-friend-teacher. As desperate and as loser defining as that offer was to them—the hottest library assistants on campus, they grabbed it like it was the only lifesaver left for a horde of crazy young women scheming for a way to get Prof Darrien on a date.

The library assistants volunteer group were just 3 young women who loved their work and all looked like college geeks in their work uniforms but that night they looked sultry and gorgeous, all clad in tight body hugging short black dresses and gladiator shoes.

Nissa was the senior assistant and tallest of the three, Revan was the sophomore volunteer with the short apple-cut ‘do and the killer smile, Josenn was the cute one with her shoulder length wavy tresses and the full figure that everyone never noticed because she wore bag lady clothes all the time at school.

Darrien accompanied them wearing ripped jeans and a handsome black button down shirt looking every bit the MOE indie rocker that all the girls in school fantasized about. Nobody ever thought Darrien was with the library assistants volunteer group that night from the way everybody looked—like some rock entourage. The other moll hags that night with their own boytoy dates kept stealing envious looks at the lucky ladies and their trophy date.

Darrien accompanied the girls as they sat in front near the band stage, and listened eagerly for the all-girl bands playing that night, covering Gazer favorites like Malory, Trespasser’s William, Lush and even The High Violets. And as some dates began to dance in front of the band, Darrien took turns obliging his friends with a romantic twirl on the dance floor, then giving chance to a few daring and lucky female students who were brave enough to ask him for a one song toe-to-toe for the requested song hour—which stretched to two-and-a-half hours as a few girls even bribed the bands to play a particular song once they were sure Darrien would be gentleman enough to hold them close for a minute-and-a half swaying to the Gazer swirl. The bands obviously made a killing that night and even Uncle Reid scratched his head at the phenomenon and thought kids nowadays are really strange or the music is really good and awesome romantic.

Darrien thought to himself, This ain’t so bad at all. Some of these kids just want a moment with their favorite song to live out a romantic notion of dancing with a nice guy. That’s really not so bad at all. And God knows, if he were younger he might go out with some of the girls he danced with.

He still couldn’t figure out why in the hell they liked him as bad as they did that’s why he never took any of this silliness seriously. But the his dance partners were mighty serious and he didn’t want to break their heart like some oafish prima donna.

His companions from the library assistant volunteer group were real troupers who just fancied him as their charming companion and friend (though they also had the hots for him and Josenn and Nissa even tried to rub against him when they danced to coax him to hold tighter). The other girls wanted him to look them in the eye like a boyfriend and he didn’t mind this request and it was really strange to see a few of them well up in tears as he smiled back at them and tried to give them a nice and intimate dance for all it was worth for his admirers.

One partner was rather frisky and copped a feel or two on his chest and arms while pretending to dance closer to him. A few even dared give him a peck on the cheek after the song ended and another girl would take their place. The library assistants were even rooting for him and egging him on as he danced with a lot of the club’s patrons that night—mostly girls from the college.

My Best Friend's Girlfriend And I'm A Girl! ( 3 X 3 Hearts )

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