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My Best Friend's Girlfriend And I'm A Girl! ( 3 X 3 Hearts ) Chapter 4

March 8, 2014 | By: Seylor Marci       Memory Angel Romances


Mika walked into the canteen that afternoon, not yet tired after a grueling 5-hour stretch of three, writing workshop classes. She wanted a pick-me-up and was going to buy a coke and a sandwich. As she sat in a corner table, she spotted Gisella Ling walking into the canteen with a load of sketchpads on her arm and also looking to get some merienda. Mika waved at her as Gisella was looking for a free table, and Rinoa herself smiled at her invite and shared the table with her.

"Hey Mika, you holding up this week? Close to midterms for most, and didn’t you say that you had three submissions to workshop this week?"

"Yup. Miz Ling, I’m up to my ears with the worst commentary and suggestions from classmates who can’t even write proper like Arya Stark says we should always bard. But it’s all good, I’m learning a lot more than I expected both from my teachers and even from my awful classmates."

"Hahaha. Mika you snooty one, don’t let them trolls get to you. Same with me when I was doing paintings and we had to workshop each other’s work in class. Lotsa poseurs trolling on the more dedicated students. You’ll live through it. The important thing is to learn the craft as you go. Writing is pretty much the same thing as painting I guess, we both tell stories."

"That’s good to know Miz Ling. I guess I’ll see some of my trolling classmates not really living to write and maybe ending up in some call center job. I’d rather be starving writer. I have a goofy novel in the works but that’s still a ways off. Heehee."

"Mika, how’s my Darrien holding up I his classes? Hope the hussies aren’t giving him too much trouble."

"Oh, Prof Darrien is always a pro. He’s cool and not even the hussies can get a fix on him. Prof Darrien is sure lucky to have someone like you. I wish he had a younger brother though. Heehee."

"Hahaha. Darrien has brothers but they’re all married. Guess we and Darrien are still planning when to set our own date. Don’t worry, I think you’ll meet your own perfect boyfriend. We all have our soul mates."

"Sigh. And you don’t even look like boyfriend girlfriend, Miz Ling, you look like sisters even. Heeheehee. Just joking."

"Hah. Funny you should say so. You’ve probably seen us during the college Halloween Festival dressed as the other gender—Darrien as some androgynous nymph while me as some cute boy ninja. It’s always a blast when we do the gig. Hahaha."

"Oh Miz Ling, I’ve seen you both during the festivals. Even the girls who got the hots for Prof Darrien don’t recognize you both during the parades. Heehee."

"That’s alright Mika. We enjoy being strangers for a day every year. Hey look, I gotta go. Need to run to my Masters class. See you when I see you again."

"Bye Miz Ling! Oh wait, can I get your mobile number? I might know someone who needs a mural done for some bar. Hey it’s a paying gig and the bar is some artsy nightclub of sorts. Maybe you might be interested?"

"Oh absolutely! Thanks for considering me Miz Ling. I’ll check it out with my schedule if I can squeeze it in. Paying gigs can help pay for my Masters classes. Thanks again. Here’s my mobile number. Send me an SMS so I can save your number."

My Best Friend's Girlfriend And I'm A Girl! ( 3 X 3 Hearts )

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